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October – November 2020

News review

  • Roke and Facebook supply affordable internet
  • Kenya deploys 630km of fibre up north
  • Internet services restored after outage
  • Telecom Egypt and Ericsson sign deal
  • IoT device deployments double in a year
  • MTN officials visit Ghana for peace talks
  • Liberia begins SIM registration process
  • TE to provide SHG with first subsea solution
  • Tunisia targets 2022 for 5G launch

Wireless users

  • Lives go wireless for villagers thanks to new base station project

Wireless business

  • Huawei commits to 5G handsets by year-end

Wireless solutions

  • Septentrio ‘Credit cards’ track from the sky


  • FEATURE: Now, approaching one-year since the first Covid-19 cases surfaced and subsequently grounded economies, Robert Shepherd goes back to the once hot topic
  • INDUSTRY VIEW: David Lofti, CEO at Evina, on how mobile fraud is draining Africa’s economy

World news

  • Camilleri named non-exec chairman, VM
  • SpaceX adds 60 satellites to Starlink
  • Japan’s PM orders operators to cut prices
  • Yemenis could lose telecom services
  • Quortus partners with TLC
  • NASA chooses Nokia for lunar network
  • Talking on the moon

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