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Quarter 1, 2018

News review

  • IoT and mobile tech milestones for Ericsson
  • Bangladesh 4G spectrum winners named
  • Hytera expands TETRA networks in Indonesia
  • Telkomsel ‘cloudifies’ air interface network
  • Axiata claims lowest data roaming charges
  • AWCC launches LTE network in Farah City
  • Sigfox expands global IoT network
  • India sees decrease in mobile subscribers
  • DMN uses AMOS-4 to broadcast to Nepal
  • SKY Cable to migrate to always-on SDN

Wireless business

  • Qualcomm rejection of Broadcom’s proposal leads to bitter dispute.

Wireless solutions

  • Cambium offers the capacity to connect more subscribers.


  • Satcoms - DR. NICOLA DAVIES and RAHIEL NASIR find out if Ka-band is the best option for enabling broadband connectivity from space.
  • Industry view - DAVA BAUMANN discusses how a ‘network on wheels’ redefines wireless connectivity.
  • Subscriber QoE - MATT HALLIGAN says operators are building out infrastructure based on an incomplete picture of mobile data trends.

World news

  • Vodafone to develop LTE network for Mission to the Moon in 2019
  • Arabsat’s “new age” of affordable broadband
  • ‘Roam Like At Home’ not paying-off for EU cellcos
  • Meeting the growing demand for IoT-SMS
  • Liquid and KETRACO to build East Africa fibre network
  • HPE supercomputer sent to International Space Station

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